History of the company ABNOBA GmbH

Physicians, biologists and physicists of the registered society for the promotion of cancer therapy (“Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Krebstherapie e.V.”) in Pforzheim, Germany found “ABNOBA Heilmittel GmbH”, a pharmaceutical company that produces and sells mistletoe preparations under the brand name abnobaVISCUM.
More than ten years of joint pharmacological research regarding medicinal plants – particularly the mistletoe – had preceded the establishment of the company. Until today, pharmaceutical research oriented to Goethe’s scientific cognition method has remained the motivating emphasis of their work.


2004 until today

Location 1971 in Pforzheim

The management, the sales department and the medicament manufacturing move into larger, modern premises in Pforzheim, Germany.

Administration and Sales, Pforzheim
1995 – 2020

1997 – 1998
To ensure even higher production standards, new premises for the manufacturing department are built. The production department moves to state-of-the-art clean rooms which are certified by the WHO and correspond to highest international standards.

Production and Research
1997 until today

Participation in the company KOREA ABNOBA Co. LTD., Seoul


2000 – 2010
Participation in the company Birken GmbH, Niefern-Öschelbronn


Participation in the company Mediviscum S.A.C., Peru


2004 – 2014
Completion of a wide variety of research projects (pure and clinical research) on mistletoe therapy and therapy with birch leaf preparations.

Leading a “Marie Curie ACTIONS” project together with the Universities of Karlsruhe (D), Uppsala (S) and Utrecht (NL) on drug targeting (= targeted transport of active substances in the human body) through liposomal processing of medicinal products.
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Start of the TIM study* on the prevention of recurrence of superficial bladder carcinoma. In this study a mistletoe product is being tested for the first time against a standard therapy with chemotherapy drugs (see also NEWS).

*TIM: Therapeutic Instillation of Mistletoe preparations

Today, over 70 different mistletoe products are marketed worldwide under the common brand name of abnobaVISCUM.

On December 1st administration and sales moved from Pforzheim to Niefern-Oeschelbronn

Administration and Sales, Niefern-Oeschelbronn